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Awesome GNOME Awesome

A curated list of awesome apps, extensions, modules, themes and tools for the GNOME Desktop Environment.

GNOME is a desktop environment for Linux and Unix-like operating systems, designed to put the user in control and get things done. It uses GTK for its applications and Clutter and JavaScript for its official desktop shell.

Items marked with GNOME Core are applications officially maintained and distributed by the GNOME Project as part of the core set of applications and tools, or extensions that are maintained and distributed as part of the Classic mode.

Items marked with GNOME Circle are applications championed by the GNOME Circle initiative that aims to showcase the best apps and libraries for GNOME.


Internet and Networking

  • GNOME Web - Official web browser project of GNOME. GNOME Core
  • Fragments - BitTorrent client. GNOME Circle
  • Newsflash - RSS feeds reader. GNOME Circle
  • Font Downloader - Install fonts from online sources. GNOME Circle
  • Tangram - Browser for your pinned tabs. GNOME Circle
  • Polari - Talk to people on IRC. GNOME Circle
  • Wrap - Fast and secure file transfer. GNOME Circle
  • Wike - Search and read Wikipedia articles. GNOME Circle
  • Geary - Modern mail client, created originally by Yorba.
  • Feeds - An RSS/Atom feed reader.
  • Cawbird - Twitter client.
  • Haguichi - Graphical frontend for Hamachi.
  • Parabolic - yt-dlp graphical fronted.


  • Apostrophe - Distraction-free Markdown editor. GNOME Circle
  • Citations - Manage your bibliography. GNOME Circle
  • NFO Viewer - Simple viewer for NFO files, beating text editors with preset font and encoding settings and clickable hyperlink support.
  • Paperwork - Personal document manager for scanned documents and PDFs.
  • Foliate - Simple and modern eBook reader.
  • Pdftag - Simple metadata editor for PDFs.
  • Marker - Markdown editor with an integrated previewer.
  • Paper Clip - PDF metadata editor.

Productivity and Time

Well Being

  • Blanket - Listen to different sounds. GNOME Circle
  • Health - Health tracking. GNOME Circle


  • Shortwave - Client for web-based radio. GNOME Circle
  • Cozy - Audiobook player. GNOME Circle
  • Video Trimer - Trim video quickly. GNOME Circle
  • Amberol - Plays music, and nothing else. GNOME Circle
  • Mousai - Identify any songs in seconds. GNOME Circle
  • Podcasts - Listen to your favourite podcasts. GNOME Circle
  • Zap - Play sounds from a soundboard. GNOME Circle
  • Vocal - Powerful, beautiful, and simple podcast client for the modern free desktop.
  • Celluloid - Simple frontend for mpv.
  • Lollypop - Beautiful music application.
  • Parlatype - Audio player specialized for transcription.
  • Easy Effects - Audio effects for PipeWire applications .
  • Pitivi - Beautiful and powerful video editor.
  • Spot - Spotify Client.
  • Clapper - Simple and modern media player.
  • Footage - Application to trim, flip, rotate and crop individual clips.


  • Curtail - Simple & useful image compressor. GNOME Circle
  • Drawing - Responsive drawing application. GNOME Circle
  • Identity - Compare image and video. GNOME Circle
  • Coulr - Convert between RGB and hexadecimal codes for colours.
  • Color Picker - Color pickle, working on both X11 and Wayland.
  • GThumb - Powerful and advanced application to manage your photos and images.

Scientific Tooling

  • Plots - Simple graph plotting. GNOME Circle


  • Lutris - Open Source gaming platform.
  • GNOME Games - Game launcher and an emulation frontend to libretro.
  • Cartridges - Game launcher with Steam, Lutris, Heroic, Bottles and itch library import. GNOME Circle

System and Customization


  • Dialect - Translate text. GNOME Circle
  • Markets - Keep track of your investments. GNOME Circle
  • Audio Sharing - Share your computer audio. GNOME Circle
  • Boatswain - Control your Elgato Stream Decks. GNOME Circle
  • Decoder - Scan and Generate QR Codes. GNOME Circle
  • Junction - Junction lets you choose the application to open files and links. GNOME Circle
  • Kooha - Elegantly record your screen. GNOME Circle
  • Metronome - Keep the tempo. GNOME Circle
  • GPaste - Clipboard manager (composed of an application and a gnome-shell extension).
  • Catfish - Simple search application.
  • Detwinner - Simple and fast tool for removing duplicate files.
  • Recipes - Cooking application.
  • Sunflower - Small and highly customizable twin-panel file manager.

Security and Privacy

Development and Design

  • GNOME Builder - Official IDE for creating GNOME applications. GNOME Core
  • Gaphor - The simple modeling tool for UML and SysML. GNOME Circle
  • Webfont Kit Generator - Create @font-face kits easily. GNOME Circle
  • Commit - Commit message editor. GNOME Circle
  • Workbench - Learn and prototype with GNOME technologies. GNOME Circle
  • Lorem - Generate placeholder text. GNOME Circle
  • Share Preview - Test social media cards locally. GNOME Circle
  • Text Pieces - Transform text without using random websites. GNOME Circle
  • Sysprof - Profile an application or entire system.
  • DevHelp - Developer tool for browsing and searching API documentation.
  • Escambo - HTTP-based APIs test application.

Design Tooling


  • Boxes - View, access, and manage remote and virtual systems.

Third-party Apps Plugins


Docks and Panels

Customization and Tweaks




Visual Changes

Services integration

Look and Feel


Upstream Style

  • MoreWaita - An Adwaita-style icon theme for Gnome Shell.
  • GNOME++ - Third-party application icons compatible with GNOME's current guidelines.
  • Pop! - Official icon theme of Pop!_OS by System76.

Material Icons

  • Paper - Material icon theme.
  • Papirus - Material icon theme, initially based on Paper.

Flat Icons

  • La Capitaine - Icon inspired by macOS and Material Design guidelines.

Homogeneous Icons

Skeumorphic Icons

  • Elementary XFCE - Desktop-agnostic version of the icons of elementary OS.


  • ComixCursors - X11 mouse theme with a comics feeling.
  • Bibata - Silm material-based cursor theme.
  • Capitaine Cursors - An x-cursor theme inspired by macOS and based on KDE Breeze. Designed to be paired with La Capitaine icons.


Official Venues

GNOME Communities

GNOME on Social Networks

Developer Resources


  • libadwaita - Library that contain official GNOME patterns and widgets (GTK4)
  • libhandy - Building blocks for modern adaptive GNOME apps (GTK3)
  • Relm4 - Building native applications with Rust and GTK4


  • Hello - Set of Hello World examples for GNOME/GTK in different languages.