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Awesome Phalcon

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A curated list of awesome Phalcon libraries and resources. Inspired by awesome-go.


Please take a quick gander at the contribution guidelines first. Thanks to all contributors; you rock!

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Access control list.

Application Skeleton

Various application skeletons.

  • Album O'Rama - Sample modular application for the Phalcon Framework
  • Base App - The base application in Phalcon Framework
  • INVO Application - Sample application for the Phalcon Framework
  • MVC - Examples of Phalcon MVC file structures
  • Phalcon Composer - Phalcon with Composer support MySql MongoDb Redis, clean + beauty
  • Vökuró - Sample application for Phalcon Framework (Acl, Auth, Security)
  • Webird - Webird was created to merge the latest PHP and Node.js innovations into a single application stack
  • NovaMOOC - Sample application with API/BackEnd and FrontEnd + Authentication with JWT + Cypress tests with GitHub Actions + Docker compose.
  • PhalconTool - Alternative to Phalcon devtools with complete frontend stack without any framework but helpers system allowing to automaticaly bind HTML events using Phalcon 5, PHP 8, Apache, MYSQL, SASS, ES6 and jQuery.

Authentication & OAuth

Libraries for implementing authentications schemes.

  • Padlock - A docker-based phalcon authentication server built on top of the PHP OAuth 2.0 Server
  • phalcon-authmiddleware - Add middleware events to the dispatcher. Generic design that's compatible with ACL or a custom auth library.
  • Phalcon Auth - Out-of-the-box authentication component based on guards and providers.

CMS & Blogs

Command Line

Command line applications & tools.

  • phalcon-console - Sample bootstraping application for command line applications using the outstanding Phalcon Framework
  • phalcon-cron - Cron component for Phalcon



Admin Panels & Dashboards.


Debug & profiling tools.


List of i18n and l10n libraries and services.


Integration with third party services

## IDE List of extensions for IDE

  • volt-phalcon-language - An extension for VS Code which provides support for the Phalcon Volt syntax and completion-auto


These libraries were placed here because none of the other categories seemed to fit

  • Breadcrumbs - Powerful and flexible component for building site breadcrumbs in Phalcon 2+.
  • Feedback - Is intended to be used as a replacement for Phalcon's built-in Flash and Message functionality
  • Incubator - Repository to publish/share/experiment with new adapters, prototypes or functionality that can potentially be incorporated into the Phalcon Framework
  • Upgrade Adviser - Command line tool to help upgrading Phalcon Applications from 3.4.x to 4.1.3, 3.4.x to 5.1.3, 4.1.3 to 5.1.3.
  • yarak - Laravel inspired Phalcon devtools
  • phalcon-data-table - Allows you to simplify the interaction with the bootstrap-table in the Phalcon


Libraries that implement Object-Relational Mapping or datamapping techniques.


Libraries that implement Object-Document Mapper techniques.


Tools for provisioning a system for a Phalcon application.

  • ansible-phalcon - Ansible Role to install Phalcon Framework in Debian (provides PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0 packages)
  • setupify - A collection of bash scripts for provisioning a Zephir and Phalcon based system for deployement or development


Representational state transfer.

  • phalcon-json-api-package - A composer package designed to help you create a JSON:API in Phalcon
  • PhREST API - Phalcon Framework REST API Package
  • REST API - Implementation of an API application using the Phalcon


Various routing libraries & extensions.


Searching tools & libraries.


Seo tools.

Shop & Ecommerce


Conferences, Chats, Forums, etc..

  • Phanbook - The source for code website
  • Phosphorum - The source for official Phalcon Forum


Libraries and tools for templating.


Testing tools and solutions.

  • phalcon-demo - A modified Phalcon INVO Application to demonstrate basics of Codeception testing.

Server Applications

  • phalcon-docker-nginx - Phalcon 3, PHP7, Docker sample starter application
  • phalcon-vm - Vagrant configuration for Phalcon 3.x and PHP7.0 development + MySQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB, Redis/Memcached, Gearman/RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch/Sphinxsearch on your choice
  • phalcon3-compose - Docker Phalcon 3 development environment


Where to discover new Phalcon libraries.


Conferences, IRC, Forums, etc..






  • Built With - Gallery of applications, demos and projects built with Phalcon Framework
  • Phalcon Blog - Phalcon Blog
  • Phalconist - Resources catalog for Phalcon Framework on Phalconist