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What is an open company?

出于本清单的目的,开放公司被定义为营利性组织,其核心实践以开放性,透明性和互操作性原则为指导. 这个哲学可以通过格言来概括:

> 尽可能分享,尽可能少收费.

源自 original formulation 通过Gittip(现在 Gratipay).

在实践中,这通常意味着: - 发布其产品 free and open source software, open content, 要么 open source hardware - 使用 open standardsinter-operable formats - 使用公共沟通渠道公开开发产品 - 尽可能多地发布财务和运营数据,同时不影响客户隐私. - 等

以下页面提供了此概念的更详细概述: - Open business:维基百科文章 - Open business:来自P2P Foundation wiki


公司 开放承诺 打开产品 声明 开放财务
Aleph Objects favicon Aleph Objects link N / A
Arduino LLC favicon Arduino LLC Arduino - Introduction :octocat:Arduino
Atlassian favicon Atlassian Company values — Atlassian N / A
Balsamiq favicon Balsamiq Company — Balsamiq N / A
Bevry favicon Bevry Bevry DocPad
Buffer favicon Buffer Buffer's transparency dashboard: Public salaries, equity and more :octocat:Misc Why we have a core value of transparency at our startup Revenue
Clarify favicon Clarify Clarify - Launch and manage your career N / A
CodeCombat favicon CodeCombat CodeCombat - Learn how to code by playing a game :octocat:CodeCombat Why you should open-source your startup
Couchbase favicon Couchbase Open Source Projects :octocat:All Products
Dangerous Prototypes favicon Dangerous Prototypes About - DP Projects
Dreamwidth favicon Dreamwidth About Dreamwidth Studios :octocat:Dreamwidth
Elastic favicon Elastic Why Open Source? :octocat:Misc
Gitlab favicon GitLab About Us — GitLab GitLab
Gratipay favicon Gratipay Welcome to Gratipay :octocat:All Products The first open company Finance
Growstuff favicon Growstuff (archive) Values - Growstuff Wiki :octocat:Growstuff Why Growstuff is open source
MapBox favicon MapBox Open Source - MapBox :octocat:Misc
Neocities favicon Neocities (archive) Neocities - stats The first Neocities Open Company report
New Vector favicon New Vector Work in the open :octocat:Misc
Niteo favicon Niteo Niteo Handbook
The Open Company favicon The Open Company The Open Company N / A
OpenCraft favicon OpenCraft OpenCraft — Open edX Development & Hosting Services N / A
ProtonMail favicon ProtonMail ProtonMail is Open Source! Web Client; OpenPGPjs ProtonMail Open Source Cryptography
Read the Docs favicon Read the Docs Read the Docs Open Source Philosophy Funding
Red Hat favicon Red Hat Red Hat Jobs - Our culture Misc
Sentry favicon Sentry About Sentry Sentry Driven by Open Source
SoftwareMill favicon SoftwareMill 40 CEOs in 1 company :octocat:Misc Open finances
Tessel favicon Tessel Open Source - Tessel :octocat:Tessel
Transloadit favicon Transloadit Open Source :octocat:Uppy Jobs & Culture favicon wemake-services/meta § Purpose



  • Don Tapscott,Anthony D. Williams: Wikinomics



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