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A collection of awesome resources about public speaking. Please read the contributing guideline if you wish to contribute.

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List of Call of Paper sites and services.

  • Callback Women - Sharing CFPs via Twitter.
  • PaperCall - Place to manage your talks and submissions.
  • IT CFP List - List of IT conferences Call For Papers, changes are also published via Twitter @ItCfpList.
  • - Curated list of tech events and open CFPs. Friendly community and speaker support champions. Community-driven.
  • Codementor Events - Curated listed of tech events and year-round developer-centered virtuao events.


  • Toastmasters - An international non-profit educational organizations that facilitates the creation and growth of clubs around the world. The goal of the clubs is to improve the leadership and public speaking skills of members.


  • Awesome - A collection of awesome things curated by Sindre Sorhus
  • Awesome Community - A collection of awesome communities curated by Peter Kokot
  • Public Speaking - A collection of resources on presenting at technical conferences by VM Brasseur



  • - Tips for preparing your talk and get ready to deliver it
  • awesome-talks - a collection of awesome tech talks
  • We Are All Awesome! - a collection of interesting posts about speaking, preparing, motivation, etc
  • HelpMeAbstract - Get feedback from veteran speakers before you submit your talk.
  • Irongeek - A collection of information security talks.
  • Words to Time - Calculates how long a speech will take to present based on the number of words.